About Kitschy Delish and Founder Kelly Jackson Brownlee, Illustrator

I buy wine with the prettiest label and eat cake only for the frosting.
— Kelly Jackson Brownlee

Kelly Jackson Brownlee of Kitschy Delish

Kitschy Delish™ is a paper and gifts company founded in 2017 by Seattle illustrator Kelly Jackson Brownlee. What initially started, as a small art show at Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle, blossomed into a burgeoning gifts and paper goods company, supplying her tasty and salacious creations to licensing deals, boutiques around the country, and customers around the world.

With a love of play on words, pin-up, candy and cake, Kelly creates a world filled with sweetness and whimsy.

Kelly lives in the sleepy fishing town of Seattle, under grey skies and mild temperatures; a combo she has always relished as the best kind of weather for drawing.

Get in Touch: kelly@kitschydelish.com