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Haunted House Sliding Enamel Pin

Haunted House Sliding Enamel Pin

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I’m super excited to reveal the haunted house of my dreams! At least in pin form. This sliding haunted house pin arrives just in time for the spooky season. I designed this so that when this pin is worn, the moon is out and the party is raging within the ghostly haunted house. If you slide the house upwards, the moon sets, and the windows go black. The secret of the haunted house is safe with us!

This pin measures approximately 1.25 inches tall and is secured with two prongs with rubber clutches on the back. It arrives on a custom backing card and a protective sleeve. Transform into the ghost of the party with this spooky sliding haunted house pin! Featuring a moon that sets and windows that darken, you'll be the talk of the season.

Plus, with its custom backing card and protective sleeve, your only worry will be keeping the secret of this pin safe with you.

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